Integrated logistics services, nowadays.

Antonio Orsino, Movimoda sales director.

Nowadays, integrated logistics providers manage operational and IT processes in order toplan all flows in such a way as to make the dynamics of movement and storage as efficient as possible. This approach covers all phases,including planning and control,as the integration and verticalisation of processes alsodetermine the need to monitor, track, and control the entire supply chain.


aving a partner that operates with a focus on integrated logistics represents a considerable strategic input at a time like this. We asked the Sales Director of Movimoda, Antonio Orsino, what benefits it brings to a company: “To rely on a player that governs all flows allows our customers to optimize processes, improve stock management, and speed up delivery times”. Companies that rely on integrated logistics providers also receive an additional benefit, as the modern era that has led to the everyday interaction with technology enables customers to access and purchase products very quickly without physically moving to get to the store. In the era of electronic and omnichannel commerce, to be a fast and flexible integrated logistics provider aligned to market demands ensures customers significant cost reduction andefficient management of goods. Moreover, the difficult period characterized by the Covid-19 emergency has exacerbated this trend in consumption. Therefore, those operating in the service sector must adjust their activities according to the current scenario.


Movimoda has always supported its customers right from the production phase, which in the fashion industry takes place several months before the products are put on the market. The company has always kept a close eye on market trends and developments, aware that this would be the winning strategy to develop a strong competitive advantage. “The fashion segment exacerbates the dynamics of the entire supply chain even more. Since its foundation, Movimoda understood that the only way to bring significant benefits in terms of effectiveness and efficiency was to manage the supply chain “with” the customer and not “for” the customer”, says Orsino. “This was made possible through the definition of shared KPIs and transit times, starting from the production sites and governing the flows downstream, through the use of a WMS that interfaces with the customers’ ERPs, allowing all phases to be monitored and tracked. The “win to win” approach lies in the shared objectives and the maximum collaboration between us and our customers.” An approach that illustrates the importance of establishing a relationship of mutual trust between a company and its service provider. Only by effectively integrating the different factors will it be possible to achieve speed, security and professionalism. In this process, technology is a valuable ally as it allows all factors to be managed and updated in real time.


For fashion houses, the core business relies in the product, which has to be appealing and brought to market on time and at a competitive price. All non-core activities – such as the management of physical flows and the warehouse – can be entrusted to external partners with proven expertise, specialized resources and efficient technologies, who are capable of handling peak workloads and large volumes in a tight timeframe. Fashion houses do not need to invest in human capital, space, or equipment that changes from year to year and sometimes even from season to season. Furthermore, they can benefit from the full support of verticalized logistics providers, such as Movimoda, which helps them grow and establish a worldwide presence. Movimoda’s main goal is to anticipate market needs and demands by strengthening its identity, know-how and structures. A mission that is successfully achieved through efficiency, expertise and tailor-made services.


Integrated logistics is a new approach to managing warehouse operations. An innovative solution that has been part of Movimoda’s vision since its foundation, when the company intercepted the growing market demand for service integration, verticalization, innovative technologies, faster transit times and higher savings. Movimoda realized that offering a variety of integrated services – from the control and management of raw materials to the testing and restoration of finished garments, as well as the preparation of orders and the management of samples, returns and e-commerce – brought added value to customers, reducing times and costs. Service integration was carried out as a gradual process, starting with order storage and preparation, moving on to quality control and reconditioning, and ending with raw materials management and control, the latter being the initial phase of the fashion supply chain.


A new paradigm that makes use of technology to record accurate and precise real-time data, which will then serve as a basis for predictive analysis. Subsequently, information flows are integrated with monetary and physical flows. In this regard, Orsino explains how Movimoda hasinvolved technology in integrated logistics: “To develop a proprietary IT system to govern the entire supply chain internally was a real turning point. Today, thanks to the possibility of integrating our system with most of the ERPs available on the market, we can monitor all outbound and inbound flows and processes, as well as quality control and reconditioning activities. All records can be customized in MM.Net, Movimoda’s WMS, which allows the monitoring of all the SLAs (service levels) agreed with the customers and daily verification of the objectives identified. The traceability of all processes through automation or Rfid technology guarantees our customers full visibility from production to delivery.” A 4.0 approach that brings significant benefits in terms of safety, improved traceability and increased productivity.

Unlike traditional logistics – characterized by a compartmentalized and fragmented management style – integrated logistics represents a unique, cross-functional system that focuses on the strategic coordination of the various management activities. Movimoda’s goal is to guarantee the highest level of customer satisfaction, as well as the highest competitive advantage to the client company. Movimoda has adopted a new logistics paradigm and shaped it according to its brand purpose with the aim of implementing an increasingly interdisciplinary service based on innovative skills and technologies shortly.

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