Our Story

Movimoda was born in the 1970s thanks to the foresight of its founder, who understood that the fashion industry would soon undergo a radical transformation. Those were the years in which the top international fashion companies started to think more strategically about the possibility to focus exclusively on their products, thus outsourcing non-core business activities such as logistics and warehouse management. This transformation, together with the increasing relocation of production activities, led to the outsourcing of logistic flows. It is during this period that Movimoda decided to specialize in logistics optimization to become a reference partner for integrated logistics in the fashion industry worldwide.

Movimoda: a world of opportunities


The 1990s

Fashion companies start delocalizing their production outside national borders. The consequent increase in the handling of goods creates the need for broader warehouse spaces.


Movimoda is the only service provider capable of supporting fashion companies in all their secondary activities by verticalizing processes, managing the entire supply chain, and acting as an intermediary between manufacturers and customers.

The 1980s

The fashion sector adopts a more strategic-oriented vision by starting to focus on product management and outsource the logistics and warehouse processes.

The 2000s

Fashion companies revalue the importance of know-how. To know their work and the warehouse returns to be the central and strategic element of every logistic process. The value and training of each resource create the company’s identity.


Our main goal is to continue to keep an eye on the fashion market, widening year after year the range of our services, and responding promptly to the specific needs of each customer.

Human Resources

Rethinking the value of talent
We believe in talent, teamwork, meritocracy, and that the true added value of a business lies in its human capital. One of our most important strategic choices is to focus on a management policy consisting in bringing in new talents: young employees are trained on the job by senior tutors. This is the only possible way to preserve and pass on our know-how. It is a general opinion that logistics is a men’s sector. However, Movimoda bucks this trend, boasting a high percentage of female workers who are committed to various roles and functions at a crosswise level. Our commitment to breaking the glass ceiling goes beyond the mere promotion and protection of gender balance: we believe a company should valorize each and every resource.
A heritage worth protecting
Safety is the common denominator of all our processes, from data processing to the safeguarding of people, goods, and infrastructure. Movimoda has always operated in full compliance with occupational safety standards: all plants are equipped with advanced technologies with high standards of internal and external monitoring.
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