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Technology at our service

Technology is an essential support for our work, and we like to consider it as an important analysis tool oriented to the improvement of processes and performance. For this reason, we set up an in-house IT Department composed of 18 experienced technicians and dedicated to the development of innovative and customized solutions.


In 2012 we conceived and developed MM.Net, a proprietary information system (WMS) capable of connecting our warehouses and plants with the management systems of our customers, suppliers, and couriers worldwide.
The main strength of MM.Net lies in the high level of parameterization that allows configuring processes in the most efficient way for us and our customers. MM.Net guarantees optimal performance and results, which enable customers to free themselves from the software and hardware warehouse management costs, thus recovering time and resources to be destined to their core business.


✓ Focus on our core business

✓ Real-time tracking of data, operations, and productivity

✓ Custom-made development of flexible and easily adaptable processes

✓ Integration with the latest hardware technologies

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Tecnologia RFID

The use of RFID technology makes it possible to automatically and quickly count incoming items by order, article, size, and color. The RFID control software has real-time functionality capable of driving electrical and mechanical devices (photocells, warning lights, readers, counters) and adjusting the power and sensitivity of sensors to adapt them to the changing reading/writing conditions of the information.


✓ 100% valid readings

✓ Optimization of warehouse dynamics with a consequent reduction in time-to-market

✓ Automatic checking and tracking of orders and picking lists

✓ Sharp decrease of conflict with couriers and logistic operators

Put – to – light

We have developed and implemented a “put to light” system oriented to the ventilation of massive picking to customers in the appropriate sorting structure (packing area). The software is intended as a ‘stand-alone’ integration of Movimoda’s proprietary WMS. Several work-stations equipped with touch-screen monitors, one for each ventilation session, allow collecting set-up and dialogue functions between the WMS and the operator’s portable device located in the Put2Light workstation. The use of this lighting technology allows massive planning, thus drastically reducing picking times. Hardware and software tools also guide the operators during the sorting of garments ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in terms of time optimization, accuracy, and reliability. The PTL tool is particularly suitable for optimizing order management flows for E-commerce sales channels.

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macchinario sorter magazzino movimoda


A Sorter is a technological tool that enables warehouse operators to optimize operational flows. It consists of a plant with several customizable ventilation modalities for the automatic composition of customer orders equipped with an automated sorting system for garments, shoes, and accessories. The interface between the Sorter and MM.Net allows adopting tailor-made solutions with maximum flexibility, in line with the development of each project and the operational needs of the customer. This sorting system increases productivity and reduces operating costs, minimizing errors and increasing speed and traceability. It is a particularly suitable system for E-commerce markets
as it allows us to manage medium to high volumes easily and cost-effectively, though it remains an essential technical support for traditional sales channels.


Movimoda boasts an in-house Security Department formed by operators with proven experience and professionalism. The Security Department has implemented control and verification systems capable of securing the information and operational processes that take place within all our plants. From inbound to outbound, from data flow to cross-checks, everything is monitored and controlled 24/7 by highly specialized personnel, in close collaboration with professionals in the sector. Particular attention and care are also given to the safety of all human resources. Finally, Movimoda boasts an in-house Privacy department.