Every client is unique in terms of needs, characteristics and objectives, and each company has different and specific requirements. We are always challenged and gifted whenever we can guarantee a service that reflects the expectations of our clients, as this leads us to confront constantly-evolving methodologies and processes. Movimoda’s ability to customize its services and adapt existing technologies to client needs results in the creation of tailor-made solutions. Movimoda uses cutting-edge tools, innovative processes and sound knowledge of the industry to meet the needs of companies operating in the Fashion and Luxury sectors – from clothing to accessories. How can a commonly considered standardized process become tailor-made? And why is this such a competitive feature with such significant advantages?


A logistics provider who intends to interface with a company must first gather information to carry out a specific and detailed study. Movimoda provides tailor-made services starting from accurate project analysis and careful reading of the collected data to define the proper planning for business development. Then, Movimoda analyzes the client’s activities and objectives to create exclusive, cutting-edge solutions. Finally, the in-house Engineering Department draws up a high-performance and cost-effective custom-made prospectus. The planning procedure described allows strategies to be tested and critical analyses to be carried out prior to implementation. In order to analyze and design a customized solution, Movimoda adopts a structured and well- established procedure, supported, when necessary, by specialized teams:

1. Interview with the client and definition of the project (objectives, needs, previous results)
2. Detailed data collection
3. Identification of improvement opportunities and criticalities
4. Execution of designed scenarios
5. Comparison of results with reference market trends
6. Identification and development of further improvements

In order to provide customers with ad hoc logistics, it is crucial to design the necessary flows methodically and optimize them to ensure savings and efficiency. This in-depth study of products, flows, volumes, and seasonal variations is essential for identifying the most suitable strategy for the client’s business. Movimoda constantly supports its partners and is committed to working together with them to study and create the best solutions. It is an active and continuous comparison of the level of service and performance, which allows us to identify any criticalities and jointly evaluate corrective measures to act promptly.


Movimoda aims to accompany its clients along the entire production chain, from raw materials to finished garments, by designing the optimal and flexible operational flow for each of them. Ensuring tailored solutions with proven long-term reliability enables companies to gain added value. Furthermore, an attentive approach to clients’ needs and objectives helps them increase efficiency and optimize expenditure. Why use a tailor-made service today? The supply chain is a key factor in the overall business strategy and can influence operational results significantly. Optimizing the supply chain can help define, advise and set flexible strategies based on the operations, resources and capabilities of the organization.


Movimoda has always believed that Customer Centricity is the winning approach. What allows the company to be so flexible is the combination of its distinctive features: Integration and Verticalization.

The management and control of all internal processes, together with the full coverage of the Fashion Supply Chain services, are the key factors for all-encompassing customization of physical and information flows throughout the product cycle, from raw materials to reverse logistics. Previous experience in the Fashion industry and multi-channel presence have enabled Movimoda to develop production flexibility and make the know-how acquired available to its clients.

Movimoda’s twin-track approach makes it the ideal provider of customized 4.0 logistics. On the one hand, it leads the way in the design and implementation of tailor-made logistics solutions and, on the other hand, its logistics centers are effectively interconnected with the automation of other production sectors. This paradigm has been formulated following a far-sighted upward path, in which the solid roots of traditional logistics have dialogued with the changing market and technological scenarios, giving rise to an innovative reality. All this makes Movimoda the right partner for most of the companies operating in the Fashion industry: in order to be competitive and respond quickly to the market, modern businesses need tailor-made consultancy and support services. Movimoda satisfies these needs through a global vision: the result of proven experience and sophisticated resources.

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