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What is a WMS?

A warehouse management system (WMS) is an Industry 4.0 specialized software that helps manage operational and physical warehouse flows, from incoming goods control to order and shipment preparation. The WMS interfaces with the organization’s management system (ERP), which contains accounting, fiscal and commercial information concerning warehouse operations. In addition to the ERP, the WMS must interface correctly with any automated storage and handling systems available in the warehouse. Therefore, the main functions of a WMS are:

  • Managing and tracking all logistics flows
  • Increasing the efficiency and quality of the service provided
  • Reducing costs and errors
  • Optimizing timing and performance

Movimoda’s WMS

We believe that technology is an essential support for our work. For this reason, we set up an in-house IT Department composed of 18 experienced technicians and dedicated to developing innovative and customized solutions for the optimization of information and operating flows. In 2012 we conceived and implemented MM.Net, Movimoda’s proprietary WMS, to offer our clients specialized and advanced IT support for managing warehouse dynamics.

MM.Net’s high level of customization

The main strength of our WMS lies in the high level of parametrization that allows configuring processes most efficiently and flexibly for our clients and Movimoda, therefore ensuring custom configuration and improved warehouse management. Logistics flows and processes are thus managed flexibly and functionally, allowing our clients to achieve maximum efficiency in terms of productivity and savings. MM.Net does not only manage warehouse dynamics but all integrated processes, from testing to ironing, offering modern and reliable monitoring solutions. Easily adaptable to each project’s specifications, Movimoda’s WMS facilitates the execution of operating activities using the most cutting-edge technologies. MM.Net makes it possible to connect all our plants, both in Italy and abroad, with the management systems of our clients and their suppliers and/or couriers, as well as with their e-commerce platforms. Our WMS currently has more than 200 interfaces with different information systems on the market, as well as with custom systems for which ad hoc integrations have been implemented.
The system integrates several functions to facilitate the monitoring of the entire organization and allow constant supervision of flows, performances, criticalities, and outcomes.
A further advantage of this tool is that it allows clients to free themselves from the costs of warehouse management, thus recovering time and resources to reinvest in their core business.

The main advantages associated with MM.Net are:

  • Custom development of flexible processes that adapt easily to operational flows
  • Real-time traceability of data, operations, and productivity with visibility of all logistics processes
  • Worldwide management of all the services offered
  • Faster identification and resolution of critical issues and increased supply chain efficiency
  • Reduced throughput times and improvements in KPIs, timing and savings
  • Versatile, dynamic operations and peak management
  • Real-time inventory management
  • Integration with the latest hardware technologies
  • Integration with the management systems of clients, suppliers, couriers and e-shops
  • Prompt and direct assistance from Movimoda’s IT department
  • Paper waste reduction

Its flexibility allows parameters to be configured according to client needs, even after initial activation. It adapts easily to different types of structures, services and products. Maximum versatility is ensured in data transfer. It can support articulated and integrated logistics operators, and allows the simultaneous and multilingual management and display of different companies.

MM.Net and its integration with other technologies

Within a warehouse, the order preparation phase is one of the most delicate in terms of timing, performance and quality of service. The synergy between MM.Net and the tools used in this process combines adaptability and flexibility for a proven improvement in quality and productivity, thus making the preparation phase smoother. Developed on an open and configurable architecture, MM.Net allows dynamic management of locations, optimizes material handling activities and enables continuous monitoring of processing and human/automatic resources.
MM.Net can integrate with the following technologies:
– RFID technology, which makes it possible to automatically and quickly count incoming items by order, article, size, and color, as well as outgoing items by reading the tag in combination with the storage unit (in the inbound phase) and the shipping unit (in the outbound phase).
– Put2light, a system oriented to the ventilation of massive picking to customers in the appropriate sorting structure (packing area). Several work-stations equipped with touch-screen monitors, one for each ventilation session, allow collecting set-up and dialogue functions between the WMS and the operator’s portable device located in the Put2Light workstation. The use of this lighting technology allows massive planning, thus drastically reducing picking times. The PTL tool is particularly suitable for optimizing order management flows for B2B E-commerce sales channels.
– The Sorter, a plant with several customizable ventilation modalities for the automatic composition of customer orders equipped with an automated sorting system for garments, shoes, and accessories. The interface between the Sorter and MM.Net allows adopting tailor-made solutions with maximum flexibility, in line with the development of each project and the operational needs of each client. This sorting system increases productivity and reduces operating costs, minimizing errors and increasing speed and traceability. It also allows us to manage medium to high volumes easily and cost-effectively.


Technology is an essential support for our work, and we like to consider it as an important analysis tool oriented to the improvement of processes and performance. For this reason, we set up an in-house IT Department dedicated to developing innovative and customized solutions. MM.Net is the warehouse management software designed and developed by Movimoda, a company that has specialized in Integrated Logistics for the Fashion Industry for over 30 years, and that is therefore able to easily grasp the needs, criticalities and developments of the fashion market. Each client has specific needs and objectives: MM.Net’s flexible and customizable architecture is designed to easily adapt to all of them, enabling maximum management and operational efficiency to be achieved.
We improve performances, optimize savings, and enhance services!

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