Fashion is a constantly evolving sector. Fashion companies always keep an eye on customer needs, and create and increasingly competitive market based on details that really make the difference.

Since the 70s, the Fashion Industry has initiated continuous and innovative changes, influencing the global economy and several sectors such as integrated logistics, which we could define as one of the central pillars of this dynamic and never-ending business.

In this context, making a strategic choice means focusing on the right partner to outsource non-core activities. But what is the best option for a worl-oriented fashion company?

For us the answer lies in the verticalization of production processes and logistic flows, i.e. in choosing a partner that has the strength to offer control and internal quality assurance on all processes, manage the entire supply chain, and take care of activities such as ironing, quality control, reconditioning, and logistic management of both raw materials and finished products.

Process verticalization brings significant benefits to the customer, i.e. considerable economic savings and the possibility to focus on production activities, abandoning non-core activities – such as logistics and warehouse management – with the guarantee that every product is monitored and taken into custody.

Strengthened by our many years of experience, we have identified 5 elements that are making a major difference in terms of productivity and performance:

1 Feasibility study

The solutions offered are always custom-made since each brand is unique and has specific needs. Each project starts with an accurate analysis of the current configuration of the supply chain, as well as the future configuration to be developed. The operational and logistic flows require careful monitoring from the very beginning, which is why the presence of a competent and smart Engineering Department is essential.

2 Information systems

To ensure time optimization and the above-mentioned aspects, the use of adaptable WMS-based IT systems certainly represents a competitive advantage.

For instance?, our proprietary WMS, currently has over 200 interfaces – with the systems of our customers, suppliers, and couriers – covering all the required services, from raw materials to finished products.

3 Location

Reaching your customers wherever they are represents an unparalleled value and competitive advantage. The most suitable solution must be sought and identified on the basis of the parameters shared with the customer. Boundaries? They don’t matter. The world? An opportunity. .

4 Dedicated staff

Creating a dedicated staff for each project means offering a high value-added service: each resource brings in their expertise and helps define a plan and carry it out, achieving tangible and measurable performances.

5 Security

Outsourcing non-core activities means choosing a dependable partner – a type of security that embraces every aspect of the operational and logistic flows managed and requires latest-generation plants and control systems.

From arrival to despatch of goods, from data flows to cross-checks, everything is monitoredand verified. As far as human resources are concerned, it goes without saying that they must be guaranteed a working environment in which they can operate safely and peacefully.

Now having clarified that, it is important to remember that the fashion sector cannot stand still: within this context, a strategic logistic vision can only work if it is able to anticipate market trends and customer needs.

Do you agree with us?

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