Tiziano Beretti, Movimoda President
Tiziano Beretti

Tiziano Beretti is President of Movimoda. In this interview, he outlines the company’s strategic vision, analyzing in detail the upcoming changes and innovations that are about to shape the future of Logistics for the Fashion Industry.

  • • Since the end of the 70s, the Fashion market has gone from outsourcing logistics and warehouse processes to relocating production and strengthening the importance of know-how. As President of Movimoda, what do you think will be the next major change in Fashion Logistics?

“It is difficult to make forecasts. Today more than ever, as the entire world is experiencing a situation of uncertainty caused by the global pandemic. It will take time to see how Italian companies react to Covid-19. Therefore our task is not to anticipate but rather to be reactive and flexible in welcoming emerging customer needs; or at least this is what Movimoda is ready to guarantee as a global and structured company. For several years now, Movimoda has been actively working to develop a growth mindset to tackle change and innovation. An achievement that was made possible through verticalization: we boast an operational and organizational strength which makes it possible to manage, control, and guarantee all processes internally. Our organization is solid and flexible at the same time and our main ability is to be able to listen to and anticipate customer needs, while at the same time maintaining our high-quality standards. We are not afraid to satisfy the emerging and future needs of fashion companies worldwide.”

  • • Movimoda is the only Italian company that provides integrated logistics services and the verticalization of all processes: quality control, reconditioning, ironing, logistics and warehouse management. Why this choice? What guarantees does the customer who chooses Movimoda have?

“The ability to manage, control, and guarantee all processes internally has allowed us to achieve the highest standards of service, performance, and savings. The strategic choice to verticalize all processes has paved the way for us to achieve the cost-effectiveness and efficiency required by customers. We did not outsource activities by splitting them up; we turned information systems, staff, and technology into key assets to guarantee business continuity, and the advantages were immediately apparent.

The choice to internalize the staff is an uncommon choice in the logistic field, yet a highly motivating one for our employees. Our company’s culture has always been focused on enhancing human resources: we invest in their continuous training, aiming at their hyper-specialization. This is what enables us to select, train, and manage highly qualified employees.

We have recently set up an in-house IT Department composed of 18 skilled technicians to centralize the development of all our systems and processes, and an Engineering Department consisting of 10 experienced engineers dedicated to the design, control, and optimization of stock and operations with a view to constant improvement.

Movimoda also boasts an in-house Security Department. Security is indeed an aspect of fundamental importance for our customers, as well as Privacy, a subject on which we can ensure a high standard of GDPR compliance.

  • What does the word innovation mean to Movimoda? What efforts have you made towards it?

“We believe that the so-called “Fourth Industrial Revolution” represents an unmissable opportunity to lead change. The proprietary WMS (MM.Net) designed and developed by our in-house IT Department was the first ground-breaking tool conceived by Movimoda, followed by several others. The use of innovative tools and the continuous, real-time sharing of data and information have already led to a number of real improvements in terms of simplification, productivity, security, and optimization of strategic and operations flows.

MM.net currently has over 200 interfaces with the systems of our customers, suppliers, and couriers. The main strength of this WMS lies in the high level of parameterization that allows configuring processes in the most efficient and flexible way for us and our customers. In addition, MM.Net allows integrating processes and activities with the most modern hardware technologies, thus generating numerous advantages, i.e. real-time traceability of data, operations, and productivity. In short, through MM.Net the customer can control the entire Supply Chain at any time, for any service, in any part of the world.

As for the future developments of MM.Net, what I can say is that they will be mainly focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). Our idea of development involves a constantly increasing level of automation, even though it is the human capital – with its expertise, sensitivity, and know-how – the true added value of Movimoda.

Over time, Movimoda has increased its investment in staff training. Plus, our Recruiting Team is always looking for young talents, mainly recent graduates, to whom to pass on the torch.”

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