movimoda operator carries out industrial ironing on garments

Manual ironing, industrial ironing, and steam reconditioning services

operatore movimoda effettua stiro industriale su capo abbigliamento

This month we have decided to provide our readers with a precise and detailed description of one of the key services we offer our clients: ironing. This service, which differs according to the types of products to be managed and the finishing and/or accessory applications to be carried out on the garments, permits us to achieve high-quality standards while respecting the client’s budget and expectations. The experience gained in over thirty years of activity in the Fashion & Luxury sector has enabled us to perfect each service, thus guaranteeing flexibility of execution and the satisfaction of specific needs.

We can distinguish three macro-types of ironing: 

  • Manual ironing, 
  • Industrial ironing,
  • Steam reconditioning

Manual ironing

Movimoda, which is equipped with the latest-generation machinery, has always combined technology with craftsmanship. This is our know-how, a part of our DNA, which we hold on to and pass on by making young operators work alongside experienced operators, with a view to continuous training and growth.


Specifically, our operators use conventional ironing equipment requiring manual temperature adjustment depending on the fabric, the pressure to be exerted on the garment, and the time needed to obtain the desired result.


We can restore entire batches as well as individual garments through manual ironing. This type of ironing requires the utmost skill and manual dexterity, as well as state-of-the-art equipment. This is the only way to guarantee the expected result.


Manual ironing is particularly suitable for garments that require particular care or when there is the need to obtain a rounded, fresh-looking, non-pressed finish. Manual ironing also requires the operator to carefully check the garment to prevent or manage possible shrinkage (in leg length, waist length, back length, etc.).

Industrial ironing

In addition to manual ironing, Movimoda provides industrial ironing services, which are carried out using dedicated machinery for the mass ironing of small parts.


One example is the ironing of five-pocket trousers,

which involves intermediate pressing phases to be carried out with special machines:

·     opening/ironing of internal seams with seam opening machine

·     pockets, linings, and internal belt ironing with narrow tube ironing table for trousers

·     leg crease ironing with single or double leg press for trousers

·     external ironing of hip and pockets with pressing machine

·     external parts ironing with vacuum and blowing ironing table


Intermediate pressing phases are also carried out on classic jackets and formal suits.


We also have equipment for the finishing of knitwear, outerwear, and sportswear:

·     flat or rotary knitting pressing machines

·     universal pressing machines

·     steaming dummies

·     steam brushes

·     toppers


Industrial ironing is carried out using sophisticated and modern machinery, which allows to obtain optimal results in a very short time. At the same time, the manual skill and experience of the operator give life to a garment of craftsmanlike quality. The operator has a key role in managing the machine, thus ensuring the achievement of optimal results.


Steam reconditioning

Reconditioning is generally used to refresh, sanitize, and improve the appearance of garments that have spent a long time in their shipping packaging. Reconditioning is also used to sanitize and regenerate garments returned by customers, sample products returned by agents, or goods returning from outlets.


Reconditioning is usually carried out using a steam tunnel. The steaming time and drying temperature of the steam chambers are set depending on the type of garment and fabric. The hanging garments pass through the tunnel to be ironed and cooled before the bagging process. This type of ironing involves no manual steps, but the operator’s know-how in using the machine and managing the flows is essential.

The use of the industrial steam tunnel – which drastically reduces times and costs – is particularly indicated for large batches coming from the Far East market.

Tunnel reconditioning sanitizes the garment and corrects the stubborn wrinkles created during transport, thus being particularly suitable also for hanging garments and feather garments.


From analysis to project management

Our aim is to identify the most suitable type of ironing for our clients in order to guarantee the best result at the lowest cost. The analysis is based on the professionalism of specialized operators who have in-depth knowledge of the fabrics and tools. This is a fundamental prerequisite for providing a service that meets clients’ needs in terms of product quality, cost optimization, and assistance. This approach is, we believe, the starting point for presenting Movimoda as a competent provider committed to excellence.


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