Movimoda’s safety, security and privacy departments

Departments and corporate figures operating in the safety area

To manage occupational health and safety, Movimoda has set up a group made up of professional figures capable of satisfying all aspects required by the Italian Legislative Decree 81/2008, the fire prevention and environmental regulations. We have an internal Security and Safety Department aimed at safeguarding all our processes, resources and employees. Movimoda has always operated in full compliance with workplace safety rules. Our HSE (Health, Safety & Environment) Office is a true prevention office assisted by a technical office capable of analyzing risks and planning the actions necessary to minimize and prevent them. To support the activities of prevention, HSE provides training courses on safety, fire prevention and training in the use of the equipment and performs health surveillance of workers in collaboration with the Corporate Doctor.

Movimoda, according to its code of ethics and in compliance with the current legislative framework, has invested in Health and Safety by developing 3 departments that operate synergistically to:

  • Manage the health and safety of human resources
  • Contribute to the prevention of occupational diseases and accidents
  • Improve well-being in the working environment
  • Protect sensitive data, company properties and goods

In warehouse management, worker safety comes first. A safe environment motivates employees, spurring them to give their best and work smoothly and quickly. The Department’s mission is to prepare workers adequately and to make sure that operational activities take place in maximum safety. Specifically, the Safety Department is committed to preventing injuries and accidents as well as minimizing risk, starting from the analysis of plants, tools and activities. Movimoda adopts ad hoc procedures for warehouses, tasks and resources, and invests in safety training and awareness. Furthermore, the company pays the utmost attention to the rules and procedures aimed at containing the spread of Covid-19 by adopting a univocal protocol in all departments and facilities.


The Security Department is in charge of managing the security of company goodsand assets. In other words, it takes care of all the measures necessary to prevent infringements, thefts and robberies inside our facilities and warehouses.

Our internal and directly managed security team is composed of specialized personnel with proven experience. It consists of eight professionals: two are former members of the armed forces, while the remaining staff has acquired technical and operational expertise thanks to remarkable specific training and operating in the field.

We have designed and developed control and verification systems capable of securing all the information and operational processes that take place within our facilities: data protection, goods, infrastructure, human resources. Every aspect is monitored and controlled 24/7 by our department, in close collaboration with other professionals in the field. The control systems are designed according to facility-specific evaluations, which means that all our plants have custom-made protection systems. Technology plays a key role as it supports the operator to discern events quickly and accurately. We are constantly looking for new solutions to help our operators and improve the quality of the services offered.

Protecting the security of partners and employees also means dealing with privacy and transparent data management professionally. To protect customers and employees, Movimoda has recently added an efficient and reliable Privacy Department to the Safety and Security Departments.


We pay particular attention to Privacy so as to protect our customers and employees. We are living in an era of great change and in an increasingly digitized society that make data protection mandatory for every company.

For this reason, we have created an internal Department committed to ensuring the constant updating of the company regulations with respect to the national and international legislations such as the GDPR 679/2016. The General Data Privacy Regulation is the European Regulation for the protection of individuals with regard to the automatic processing of personal data and the subsequent protocols.

The department is made up of 3 internal professionals and two external structures: one deals with the consulting and training activities, while the other handles audit and verification activities.

Movimoda has decided to involve all members of the company by giving them formal responsibilities and making privacy an integrated aspect of their work. It is important that everyone contributes actively and considers privacy not only as a mere bureaucratic fulfillment but as a useful protection system to safeguard the company’s data and assets.


To safeguard the integrity of employees and the interests of customers should be a priority for all companies. Movimoda has embraced these values fully to develop a modern process management system.

Primary attention is paid to the physical protection of workers, whose safety depends not only on environmental circumstances but also on human activities that may in some way threaten the integrity of people. For them, for conscientious custody of customers’ data and goods and the protection of infrastructures and equipment, it is absolutely essential to be able to prevent risks of any kind.
Movimoda has decided to manage these aspects directly and internally because employees and partners have a fundamental centrality in our vision and mission. The same attention and meticulousness that distinguishes Movimoda in its core business, is therefore guaranteed for these corporate issues, with the same rigorous orientation towards updating and innovation that are fundamental in all its activities.
Following the entry into force of the General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data, Movimoda – which has always been sensitive to the data protection of customers and employees – has promptly created a new Department dedicated to Privacy. MM.Net, Movimoda’s proprietary WMS, has been developed on the basis of specific guarantees in the treatment of sensitive data, ensured by automatic warning or interruption procedures in case of intrusion attempts by unauthorized third parties. Servers are virtualized with both local and remote backups.
Safety and control are without a doubt topics of substantial importance for us: indeed, they are fundamental values and objectives.

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