Movimoda & M*BRC: logistics services for Made in Italy leather goods

Since 2018, Movimoda has been a partner of M*BRC, an eclectic and young Italian company that creates unique accessories and bags. The brand, created by the born-into-fashion designer Massimo Braccialini, has experienced rapid growth and expanded its target audience over time. Today, M*BRC stands out as an exclusive brand that appeals to the taste of the younger generations who aim to wear unique garments that reflect their dynamic personalities. By drawing on its success in Italy and the logistic support provided by Movimoda, M*BRChas recently entered foreign markets to spread the excellence of Italian craftsmanship worldwide. A partnership that grows year after year, confirming Movimoda’s viewpoint: in order to carry out excellent activities and obtain excellent results, it is necessary to rely on an expert partner that is able to provide specialized and effective services. Massimo Braccialini recounts our journey.

M*BRC is a very young company. How can you explain such a strong business growth in such a difficult moment in history?

“M*BRC was born after a careful market analysis which showed a sustained trend of increased demand for high-quality, 100% Made in Italy leather goods with a modern design and reasonable price. These are the strengths of our brand, which is succeeding in entering more and more markets and attracting more and more customers.”

What was the state of play when the partnership between M*BRC and Movimoda began? And how did the services Movimoda provided contribute to M*BRC’s brand consistency and customer experience?

“In a globalized world like the one we live in, international competition is particularly strong. When I started this new experience with M*BRC, my idea was to set up a lean, flexible company that could easily adapt to market changes and demands. But today, and especially after the pandemic hit, we have to face an increasingly unstable market where planning is done only at very short notice. Flexibility is no longer just a strength but a survival factor for companies. We chose Movimoda because we knew it has the resources and the ability to cover all our needs.”

Movimoda helped M*BRC record a total growth of 40%. How did the partnership develop and what were the key points Movimoda focused on?

“We chose Movimoda because of its great experiencein the fashion industry and its highly qualified staff. One of the most sensitive activities for us is quality control. Finding a partner who has in-depth knowledge of all the problems and dynamics inherent in our sector is not an obvious choice, especially when it comes to producing effective solutions quickly. The integration between our IT systems and those of Movimodahas played a key role in the collaboration. While in the beginning we had to work closely with Movimoda to train our staff, today everything is set and this allows us to work with greater peace of mind. This sector is based entirely on seasonality, and being capable of managing work peaks is one of the key strengths required by the market, especially for a company like ours that is constantly growing. Movimoda grants us higher flexibility and allows us to plan our costs in advance, as they vary depending on order size.”

Which goals have you achieved and which ones do you plan to achieve in the near future?

“One of the key goals was to implement quality control and increase packaging quality. Managing growth like the one M*BRC is experiencing is not an easy task, but we know we can count on Movimodato help us achieve the new goals that lie ahead of us.”

M*BRC represents Tuscan excellence in the production of contemporary style handbags, shoulder bags and key rings. Movimoda’s dedicated staff has supported our brand in a wide range of activities, such asquality control, leather reconditioning, bagging, tagging, barcoding, retail/wholesale/e-commerce warehouse logistics and reverse logistics. The primary objective is to gain a competitive advantagein the market, and this partnershipdemonstrates how indispensable it is to rely on alogistics providercapable of measuring service performance and keeping costs at competitive prices.

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