Raw materials are controlled in our premises to ensure full compliance with the quality standards required by customers, brands, and manufacturers. We carry out accurate visual and functional checks on the technical characteristics of raw materials to ensure full compliance with the technical sheets, size charts, and sample units. We carefully examine fabrics and packages, check labels, and inspect the finished products to guarantee its absolute quality and integrity. We carry out both statistical quality controls (% or AQL) and quality controls on the entire batch (100%) depending on each customer’s requirements and in full compliance with the brand standards. In particular, we carry out quality controls on folded and hanging garments, bags, shoes, small leather goods, costume jewelry, and accessories. Service is guaranteed through a dedicated technician who is in charge of involving the customers in the development of processes and informing them about whether the objectives are met.

In-line monitoring is carried out in the suppliers’ premises to verify that their processes comply with the quality standards required by the customer and the agreed time to delivery. In particular, statistical testing is carried out, as well as a middle and final inspection. Our technicians take care of involving the customers in the development of processes and informing them about whether the objectives are met, thus providing continuous and comprehensive assistance.

We carry out chemical, physical, and physio-mechanical analyses to certify the quality of all materials and products. After a first phase dedicated to technical and regulatory advice, we move on to different types of testing aimed at issuing international quality certifications.

Raw materials are processed and manipulated by the experienced hands of our operators. We carry out mending, print correction, cleaning, steaming, and other restoration activities to give new life to fabrics and make them suitable for manufacturing and sales.

We believe in future-oriented craftsmanship. Raw materials are processed and manipulated by the experienced hands of our operators. Reconditioning processes include finishing activities on semi-finished products, aimed at giving the garment its final identity in terms of style and application of ornaments such as labels, hinges, and other accessories; activities taking place after quality control, aimed at intervening on defects and restoring the garment through services such as cleaning, repairs, and mending; packaging activities such as labeling, automatic or manual packaging, and barcoding. Leather reconditioning completes our wide range of services.

We can perform all types of industrial and craft ironing. Depending on garment characteristics and the result they want to obtain, customers can choose between industrial ironing, dummy ironing, topper ironing, ironing with steam press, or manual ironing. The experience and competence of our resources guarantee adequate advice and the achievement of the expected result.

Movimoda can identify and manage the optimal logistics flow for every need. We pay special attention to the training of our operators to make them capable of assisting the customer throughout the entire Supply Chain, from management of information flows to management of goods, from storage in dedicated and mapped facilities to preparation of orders for all sales channels. The project starts with an accurate analysis of the data and processes aimed at defining the project objectives, then moves on to the design stage, followed by a possible revision of operational flows. The constant monitoring of quality standards allows our team to guarantee comprehensive and continuous assistance to all customers and to intervene promptly for the resolution of critical issues. Moreover, customized technological implementations allow us to improve processes and performance.

  • Production, samples, restock, old seasons, and returns management
  • Offline sales channel management: Wholesale, Retail, Outlet, and stockists
  • B2B and B2C E-Commerce Management
  • Pre-packaging and storage management
  • RFID management
  • Storage of hanging and folded garments, bags, shoes, small leather goods, cosmetics, and accessories
  • Customized labeling and VAS
  • Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) and/or RFID
  • Management of couriers and shipping documentation
  • Customs services


For several years now we have ensured speed, precision, and planning to support a constantly evolving service. After a first phase dedicated to the analysis of markets and the customer's supply chain, our internal engineering and IT departments work on the development of the web platform, while operational managers take care of logistic aspects by paying special attention to size, complexity, market, customers’ needs and expectations. Our experience in B2B & B2C markets, together with the use of automated cutting-edge technologies, make Movimoda a reliable partner capable of guaranteeing short time-to-market for the storage, order preparation, shipping, and returns management for E-commerce channels.

Thanks to the management of domestic and customs warehouses that are close to our production and distribution areas worldwide, Movimoda is able to identify the logistic flow that best suits the customer's needs. We have developed and structured specific processes to accelerate the arrival in sales points of products coming from abroad, optimizing time in accordance with the local market requirements. We also manage import flows, including customs and labeling procedures, and carry out pre-testing activities to speed up the import process. Once the product has arrived in the destination country, we take care of its storage, replenishment, distribution, and possible return. We currently handle flows to/from Asia, Europe, the USA, Central and South America.

Movimoda also operates as a trading company in the import/export and selling on local markets of various types of goods on behalf of its customers. This service is particularly useful to all those companies who do not have a registered office in foreign countries and can indeed benefit both companies in their first business experience abroad, and companies who already have a consolidated experience abroad but are looking to reduce management costs. By combining the Trading service with our customs warehouses, we can guarantee economic flexibility and time optimization, and, if necessary, we can also deliver the raw material directly to packing companies in the same country.

The experience acquired over the years enables us to support our customers in the search for products and suppliers. By taking advantage of the expertise of an organization present all over the world, customers obtain considerable economic savings and make sure that the quality standards required are always met.

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