C. P. Company


C. P. Company

C.P. Company, an urban sportswear brand, was acquired in 2015 by Trivision International, a company owned by the textile and distribution giant Tristate Holdings Ltd.

C.P. Company is an iconic brand founded in Bologna in 1971 and well-known for its characteristics of fabric innovation and experimentation, which brought about the urban style so popular abroad. Such a successful and constantly-expanding reality requires solid know-how and dynamic organization to effectively manage the significant growth in terms of volume and operational complexity. Movimoda is the ideal partner to achieve such ambitious goals thanks to its ability to develop customized solutions and provide logistic services throughout the entire Fashion Supply Chain both on a national and international scale.

Movimoda’s role in managing activities in Italy and abroad

Corrado Beretti and Paolo Borio

Following the acquisition, the brand needed to develop flexible logistics with a focus on the Fashion Industry and the related services, such as reconditioning, repairs, and customs operations among others.

“We choose Movimoda for several reasons – says Dr. Paolo Borio, Operations Director of Tristate International – including service quality, expertise, a WMS easy to integrate, the proximity to our headquarters and an excellent relationship between quality, performance and price.”

Movimoda has accompanied C.P. Company in its exponential growth following the takeover by the Asian giant, contributing to the achievement of a strong competitive advantage with professionalism and expertise.

Specifically – explains Corrado Beretti, Sales Director of Movimoda we have made available staff with experience gained in the start-up and management of similar organizations, defined and planned the most important phases. Movimoda has therefore taken the necessary actions, such as the verticalization of all processes (QC, reconditioning and warehouse management for wholesale and retail markets) to give suppliers control responsibilities, and the adjustment of operational warehouse processes developed for Italy to adapt them to other countries to allow shipping of products directly from the reference market in the specific geographical area.”

In particular, here are the services that Movimoda performs on behalf of C. P. Company:

  • check, ironing and reconditioning
  • order management for wholesale, retail, and e-commerce markets
  • samples management
  • B2B and B2C e-commerce management
  • returns management
  • customization, shipping of customized packaging, printing of customized labels (for garments and boxes), printing for price labels for garments destined for retail markets
  • customs warehousing

The number and types of services that Movimoda has provided to customers have increased, as proof of a rapidly growing synergy.

A far-seeing, steadily-developing partnership

The process began gradually with the management of garments from the Far East as Tristate already had insourcing logistics in Switzerland. The objective of centralizing the entire C.P. Company logistics in a single location came to fruition 4 years later. Today, all garments pass through the Movimoda branch in Busto Arsizio, where all e-commerce management has been concentrated and services for B2B business – such as labeling and special packaging – have been implemented. In addition, a collaboration with the Movimoda plant in Pianiga has been initiated to carry out finishing activities for the garments produced, i.e. the application of accessories, ironing, and bagging. Long-term objectives include the development of logistics management in Asian markets in 2021 of the RFID technology (for the automatic identification and digitalization of goods) in collaboration with Certilogo S.p.A. and the management of logistics in the Asian area.

Movimoda and C.P. Company have been able to establish a relationship of mutual trust that is the basis of a lasting partnership, as Beretti states: “To date, all the objectives set have been achieved. Mutual trust has enabled us to deal effectively with the Covid emergency period, which is the only criticality that has emerged since the start of the collaboration. A few numbers? In 5 years, Movimoda has grown from 100,000 to a million garments managed. We are happy and proud to be partners with a talented company made up of real people.”

C.P. Company did not simply choose a logistics supplier. C.P. Company chose Movimoda’s human resources, skills, expertise, and advanced technologies. Both players have grown dramatically since their birth in the Seventies and put innovation, human resources, and constant dialogue with the market at the basis of their approach.

C.P. Company has chosen experience as the key to quality, Movimoda the world as an opportunity.

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